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Hi everyone out there,

I have been designing an OS since but have had no use for it since then.
I was thimnking about modifying it for it to be useful.For that,i will need some assistance.The project will be about redesiging some of the OS.I wish it could be as some server through wich short distance communications can be done using some extra hardware.Services for that will be writen on top of the OS layer.An API will be provided (not yet designed) that will enable writing those services.I wished the services that could be added now are voice chat ,SMS or some sort of other IRC client.Should be written later are some other services such as video streaming and File Transfer.
The easiest way i think all of the above can be done is by desiging the whole network protocol on the OSI model.
The server should be able to support up till 100 connections at a time and should have a very short response time.It also should be able to connect to another server situated in another geographical location.
This project is not meant to be implemented ,but is quite interesting sue to the fact that it involves many engineering areas at the same time.

I know i have really not been clear about all of this but i am ready to give some more explanations.
Writte me to or
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