asp writing text files at server

I'm new to web programming. I've followed an example in a book...but can't get this to work for me. This asp file is called by a form in an html file. The data sent to this file will print out with 'response.srite'...but, I can't save the file to the server.


option explicit

dim FSO
dim objStream
dim strText
dim strComment

const TristateFalse = 0

set FSO=createobject("Scripting.filesystemobject")

strText = request.form("title") & ".txt"

strComment = request.form("comment")

Set objStream = FSO.CreateTextFile(strText , True, TristateFalse)

With objStream

.WriteLine strComment

End With

set FSO=nothing
set objStream=nothing
set strText=nothing
set strComment=nothing



  • Are you getting any errors ? If so, show the error

    To create a file on the server through asp code, the IUSR_xxxx user( where xxxx is the name of the server) should have write permission in the folder that the file is to be created.
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