Need Good Programmer/Hacker Help!

Hello Everyone! I am new to programmersheaven, and also a bit new to programming as well. I am not used to programming because I have spent most of my time learning to code in other ways. That is not the reason I am posting though. First off, you may know of a game that is called RuneScape 2. This game is full of scammers/hackers/crackers ect. I recently got my account stolen, and I have known many other people that have to. With my knowledge in coding, I am hoping to create a website that helps people get their accounts back. I am asking for someone who would be willing to help make / create a simple keylogger or type of trojan keylogger or maybe a backdoor. Also, some help making this file undetectable. I would be truly grateful to anyone that could help, and I'm sure that the people that come to me for help will be grateful as well. Please talk to me on AIM on howdydoody202020 , or on MSN at

Thank you all very much, and enjoy the website!

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