localization using unicode characters (ie chinese)

In general, how do you deal with Chinese characters? I know it's possible without hacking the exe code, but how?

I think what I need to know is how can you compile Delphi resource files that are in unicode?

I have a project that is complete with multi-language localization. I'm using the Delphi 5 official translation technique, resource dlls (ie Project.ENU, Project.ESP, Project.DEU). This is all well and good for languages with the ASCII alphabet, but now I'm looking to add Chinese. The problem with Chinese is the characters are unicode.

I'm unable to plug these unicode chars into the object inspector (for changing captions), string-editor (for changing item lists), or the stringTable Editor (for changing resource labels), as my Delphi can't handle the char and turns it into '?'. How can I get Delphi to accept unicode values?

Another option I've tried is hacking the resource files directly (ie Project_DRC.rc). I put the chinese characters in place of the translated text, but the file has to be saved as unicode rather than ANSI. This is fine until trying to compile the file. Delphi sees the extra char byte (unicode is 2-byte chars) as a blanks so spaces appear in between every char, thus Delphi's complier throws up all over the place.

Any ideas/theories/suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
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