Need help with music applications (all languages)

Love music? and tech savvy? Create a new application or plugin in ANY LANGUAGE that streams music from the MP3tunes Music Locker and you could win $1000! Just use MP3tunes' open Music API ( With 10 different categories to choose from, there are many ways to win:

1. DVR / TV Cable DVR system (example: TiVo)
2. Mobile phone app Application or web-browser plugin for mobile phones
3. Desktop Player (stand alone app) Plugin for a media player or a standalone application
4. Game console Utilizing the Web access capabilities of the Wii, PS3 or Xbox360
5. Web UI A new full-featured Music Locker web interface as alternative or replacement for the web interface
6. Widget / Gadget For the Mac and Windows desktop platforms, OR a Locker access applet for use on social networking or music discovery sites (examples: Facebook, LastFM)
7. PDA / Web tablet Internet-capable handheld devices. (example: Nokia n800)
8. Handheld game device Utilize the Web or wireless capabilities of the PSP or Nintendo DS
9. Internet Radio device (example: Logitech Squeezebox)
10. Internet appliance Miscellaneous Internet enabled device
Take the Challenge! Use the Music API to develop your project in one or more of the above categories. You may enter in as many categories as you like, but each individual project may only be entered in a single category. Submit your entry - consisting of your project and a text entry form - to by November 5, 2007 to be eligible for prize consideration.

Suggested project entry milestones:

* October 15, 2007 - Submit Alpha version
* October 31, 2007 - Submit Beta version
* November 5, 2007 - Final project entries due

See the complete contest rules for more details and instructions for submitting your entry.

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