Help with VBScript & VB ActiveX Component (For Web)

I am attempting to develop an ActiveX Component that will get all current running processes (for an Intranet Site for Submission of an IT Request).

I am a beginner to VB, having most of my programming being done in PHP. I found some info on how to get the process info off of the internet and it works GREAT, but I need to access it from the webpage, from a script using Javascript/VBScript in order to use it with a form submission.

The UserControl is named: cfmGetProcInfo
The ActiveX OBJECT ID is cfmGetProcInfo
I need to access the Caption (or value) of the Label lblGetCompName (computer name) and the list box List1

[link=]The Project w/ Source[/link]

I am extremely new to VB and especially ActiveX Controls.

I just need to access the values of the label and listbox if possible.

The code found in the zip file came from various internet sources.

Thanks in advance,

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