How to Show/Hide a view in MainFrm Window

I am developping one application in VC++ ver-6.0 using MFC. The Main Frame Window is divided into 2 using CreateStatic function of CSplitterWnd Class , upon one of which a Runtime Class namely CErrMsgView (Base Class CScrollView) is being attched. The other one, ( is again sub-divided into 2 with CreateStatic. Again it is being attached with 2 Run Time classes namely CMainView and CStatView (Base Class CFormView) respectively.

The CErrMsgView Class is meant to capture all the Messages being transferred to and fro. I would like to add an option under the View Menu Heading "Show/Hide ErrMsg View". The Clck on which alternately Show or hide the ErrMsgView. Would You Please Help Me Out.

Atleast give some Hints. Whether SetCheck will do the required function/ But How? How can I Use SetCheck() on a Splitter Window Class Member? Neither ShowWindow() or GetStyle() '&' - ing with WS_VISIBLE and assigning with '0' is not possible here as with CWnd Class?

Please do show me the way of implementation.

Thank You and Best Regards.
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