Need Guru Help PIC16f946

I need help with a project. The original programmer I hired took the $10,000 deposit and bailed. I meet with the investors on the 5th of october and I need to demonstrate that the unit will work. (I am using a PIC16F946 20Mhz OSC) Here is what I need 60 Sec. Timer that counts down to 0 the coundown starts after button press on RB0. When timer reaches 0 outputs to RD1 a transistor 2n3906 buffers a Darlington Transistor that causes a valve to close. Resets when RB4 is pressed. This will atleast get me through the meeting where I can find another programmer for the LCD, Keypad, Menu, Data Logger, USB interface,Windows Interface, Etc to complete the project. I know just enough about programming to be dangerous so I could work with snipits or possably be coached through the process. I am running out of time so I am apealing to the internet community for assistance. I will provide additional information if anyone should choose to assist me.

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