Struct padding in Borland Turbo

Using Borland Turbo C++. I have a data structure looking like this:

struct byType
map STD_param;
map DACAN001_param;
map RXCOP001_param;
map MDISP001_param;
map TRAID001_param;

map byArray[PARAM_TYPES_N];

} static knownParamList;

Plainly speaking, I have a bunch of variables I wish to access by variable name or through an array, depending on the situation. When I try to access through the array method, I get an "Access violation" exception.

I suspect that you can't use the above method because of struct padding. I tried setting data alignment to 1 and turn off all optimization, but I still get the access violation. Does anyone know how to turn off struct padding and other such similar settings in Borland Turbo? I have looked around in the compiler settings but can't find anything apart from "data alignment".
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