Volunteer & Employment, Free Interactive Multimedia Business Education

Volunteer And Employment, Free Interactive Multimedia Business Education, Linux Developer

Linux Developers can send us your resume to us, I and my partners will discuss about your job in computer chain IT Department; job in 80 countries computer shops, United States and Canada.Waiting to discuss with you about the details.

Volunteers can start immediately, good volunteer program designs will obtain job in companies, branches and head quarter. Contact me for the course text.

I want to start computer retail chain in 80 countries, provide Free Interactive Multimedia Business Education courses in all shops.

No Virtual Classroom
It's a game Like The Prince Of Egypt, Tailers:

The effect, feeling like The Prince Of Egypt

The Prince Of Egypt
Reflection Christina Aguilera
(My producing)

Game, effect, feeling like The Prince Of Egypt
Teach spirit: The Prince Of Egypt, Reflection Christina Aguilera

Free Business Multimedia Interactive Education Courses
1 Business English
English Language Skills
Business English
Commerce English
Practical English
Spoken English
Written English

2 Finance
Business Calculations
Cost Accounting
Management Accounting

3 Business Administration
Business Administration
Business Practice
Industrial Administration
Practice of Management
Text Production
Legal Environment

4 IT
Contact Centre
Information Systems
Speed Test
Practical Computing
Word Processing

5 Marketing
Website Design
Internet Marketing
Public Relations
Sales Management
Website Design

6 Customer Service
Call Centre
Customer Service

7 International Languages
80 countries versions - in same time

Online Delivery

E Learning
With or without tutor support. Customized to suit each particular shop. This can be delivered to a group of students in a shop (classroom) through networked computer terminals.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop and Server
Linux-based POS terminals with POS terminals running Novell Linux
in-store servers at 6386960 locations-all powered by Novell Linux.
owns 6386960 stores in 80 countries, runs 845332 SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers.
All 6386960 of our computer retail stores run completely on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, including 200375215 workstations and 6386960 POS terminals.
selling computers, furniture and stationery
With 6386960 employees and more than 6386960 stores
furniture factory, stationery factory
more than 22 million active customers and 80 percent of its monthly sales are from returning customers.

Based in every city, every village throughout 80 countries.
All large cities 80 countries
All medium cities 80 countries
Small cities..
Every village


South Africa Namibia Zimbabwe Zambia

Gambia Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone

Rwanda Mozambique Sudan Somalia Uganda Tanzania

Libya morocco Tunisia Egypt

Bosnia Macedonia Malta Croatia Serbia and Montenegro


Belarus Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia Ukraine Moldova Estonia Latvia Lithuania

Afghanistan Pakistan Kazakhstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan


Palestinian Iran Iraq

India Bangladesh

East Timor



Indonesia Malaysia

Cambodia Laos Vietnam Thailand

Sri Lanka



Cuba Dominican Republic

I need find volunteers to design the courses.

Investors invest in the shops.
But they prefer the courses already complete, and with a good retail system.

Free Interactive Multimedia Business Education courses license: free in our website; free in all our computer shops.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop and Server computer retail system, ERP system, only for our company internal use.

IT Solutions and Services
ERP systems
supports the ERP systems for World Business Education Computer Shops Chain
wanted to reduce the costs of running ERP applications on a Linux infrastructure.
The company's increasing hardware and maintenance costs were making it difficult to implement cost-effective solutions for its customers.
In addition, customers increasingly want scalable solutions that allow them to pay only for the capacity they use. Moving to a more flexible architecture would allow us to give customers exactly what they need, when they need it, while reducing its overall operational costs.

Factory Manufacture Products:
1 Notebook Accessories
1.1 Laptop backpacks
1.2 Laptop cases
2 Cell phones Accessories
3 etc.
4 Office Supplies
5 Office Furniture

The volunteers need to instruct Me Install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop Step By Step

2 computers:
Sis630 Mainboard, PIII 733, 256 M RAM,
Another computer Celeron 600, 128 M RAM

Only one monitor

ADSL Modem

I have 10G files, in 6 hard disks (I totally have 8 hard disks)

5 large hard disks, 6 G, one hard disks 15G

In another location, I have other computers (40 - 60 used, old computers).

I have 4 network adapters in my office.

I use Celeron 600, RAM 128 M, 4.5 G hard disk to install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop

Attach the hard disk, Boot from CD-ROM, install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop?

I will use Hard Disk Tool CD first, Attach the hard disk, Boot from CD-ROM, zero the hard disk.

Then Boot from CD-ROM, install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop?

Please tell me the details step by step.

Set bios, boot from CD-ROM.





ADSL Modem
ADSL Modem ADSL - 2110 EH
T1.413 i2, G.992.1(G.DMT), G.992.2(G.Lite)
Speed: Down 8160kbps, Up 896kbps
Maximum 8 PVC
RFC1483 Bridged
RFC1577: IP over ATM
RFC2364: PPP over ATM

5-Port Switch

8-Port Ethernet Fast Switch

Manufacturer Name Model Web Capacity Used Space
NEC Corporation CD-ROM READER CDR-3001B http://support.necam.com/optical/downloads/
Panasonic DVD/CD Player DVD-RP639-S http://www.panasonic.com.cn/products/dvd/table-dvd/table_02.jsp
Sony Corporation SPEAKER SYSTEM SRS-P5
Maxtor 31536H2 WWW.MAXTOR.COM 15.3G F: 6.83 GB, Used 2.11 GB, Free 4.72 GB. G: 7.46 GB, Used 5.28 GB, Free 2.17 GB
Maxtor 90650u2 6G F: 5.02 GB, Used 4.60 GB, Free 432 MB. G: 996 MB, Used 962 MB, Free 33.7 MB.
Seagate ST36531A www.seagate.com 6G E: 5.46 GB, Used 3.81GB, Free 1.65 GB, Unused Space 550 MB
WDC AC26400R www.wdc.com 6G C: 4.48 GB, Used 4.20 GB, Free 292 MB. D: 1.50 GB, Used 611 MB, Free 934 MB
Seagate ST3491A www.seagate.com 428.1MB FREE 428.1MB
IBM DAQA-32160 E182115 www.ibm.com 2.1GB Free 2.1GB
Maxtor 71626AP WWW.MAXTOR.COM 1.6GB Free 1.6GB
Fujitsu MPC3043AT www.Fujitsu.com 4GB Used 276MB, Free 3.74GB
D3A Mainboard Celerron 633 CPU, 128 MB RAM
TCL Mainboard PIII 733 CPU, 256 MB RAM
Netcore 5-Port Switch 3205NS http://www.netcoretec.com/

More equipments need recording, later post
In another location, I have other computers (40 - 60 used, old computers).

We can provide reference for your good works in the Project
We always provide positions for excellent volunteers
People interested in working on a project
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