Looking for Freelance work - C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, XML, Graphic Dsg

Hi I am looking for some development work in .NET technology and also I have worked as a graphic designers. I am looking for any type of work per say windows, web, designing etc.

Pls get in touch if you require any work to be done at samratdeb@gmail.com

Thanks and Regards,


  • Check [link=http://hotfreelancejobs.com/job-categories/net]open freelance .net jobs[/link] for new freelance ASP .NET jobs added to freelance job sites.
  • Hi,
    You can find .NET jobs listed out on websites like www.elance.com and www.surefirehire.com Please visit these sites,register for free and go ahead.Iam sure you are going to have a lot to choose from.Good Luck.
  • Hello,

    Thanks for the information and help in this regard. So nice of you.
    I will check this and try to find out something for me..

    Thanks once again.

    Hyderabad - India.
  • Hello,

    Thanks for the reply and the information you porvided. I did check these site and found some work auction.

    I am going through the approprite opening for myself.

    Thanks so much once more.

  • Hi,

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  • Register as a freelancer in freelancing websites in which you can bid on software projects related to your field of expertise.

    Here the freelance websites list as follows.


  • Thanks for the link, to the great site.

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