UPnP C# application?

Hello, im actually developing an application using the upnp stuff,

this is for a project for my BA D,

... so i have been using the upnp intels tools to get familiarized with them, in order to develop an application with c#,
the objective is to develop a control point, the control point need to have the posibility as well as one of the tools of intels of be aware of all the activity of the devices and be capable of control them, also it will be able of .. show the device, like if it was the device, in the other hand also build the devices... in order that the control point can control them, or should i say use them.

Well the thing here so far is thath i already know more or less how to build the device, im using the intel tools(the device builder and author service ) and just add the c# code that i need on every device. my prob here is that i have no idea on how make the control point, how to make the application that discovers the devices, and be able to control them or use the services that each one has... how to make the functions or the classes... or if its some already build it, where to find them or use them...

i forget to mention that all the applications im developing is for windows so im using projects on the .net application with forms and all the graphic stuff.

I hope that someone will be able to help me...
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