i was recently fired from my company because somehow my boss found out i was looking for a new job. that's wasn't bad enough, he also started bad-mouthing me after i left so now noone in my old company wants to associate with me. even when i was working there, he always made bad innuendos about my race and sexuality, which was the reason i was looking for a new job in the first place.

i just want to teach this jerk a little lesson in pushing a powerless employee around. i learn that you can spam someone by creating a fake gmail accound and the forward all the mail listings you signed up to to another person.

my question is:
is there a way they can trace it back to me? even with the fake account, since i signed up in my home computer, there maybe a possibility that they can trace it back to me if gmail is not protecting privacy. again, i am doing this because i enjoy it, i just want some justice by teaching that guy a lesson, once that's done, i won't do it any more.

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