garment, shoemaking & knitting software

garment, shoemaking & knitting software


Software for garment
Asahi Kasei AGMS Garment CAD Ver 20.0
Assyst Ver 7.2
Audaces Vestuario Ver 6.0
Cesta Ver 7.0
Kopperman TexDesign Ver 6.0
FastFilms Ver 3.5
Gerber Accu-Mark Ver 7.62 + Accu-mark Explorer Ver 1.04
Gerber Accu-Mark Ver 7.65 + Accu-mark Explorer Ver 2.02
Gerber Accu-Mark Ver 8.10 (Pro)
Gerber Accu-mark Ver 8.12 (Pro)
Gerber Accu-mark Ver 8.20 (Pro) "NEW"
Gerber IMPACT Ver 8.1
Gerber IMPACT Ver 8.12 "NEW"
Gerber Nester Server Ver 6.01 "NEW"
Gerber MTM (Made To Measure) Ver 8.1
Gerber MTM (Made To Measure) Ver 8.12 "NEW"
Gerber Pattern Design 2000/Silhouette Ver 2.05
Gerber Pattern Design 2000/Silhouette Ver 8.02
Gerber Pattern Design 2000/Silhouette Ver 8.08 "NEW"
Gerber Planner Ver 8.1
Gerber Planner Ver 8.12 "NEW"
Gerber V-Stitcher Ver 3.02
Investronica Ver 7.0
Investronica Ver 7.5
Investronica Ver 8.1 "NEW"
Lectra Catalog v2.1C1
Lectra Diamino Ver 4.2c2
Lectra Diamino V5R2C3 "NEW"
Lectra Focus Pilot V2R2C1
Lectra Formaris Furniture V5R1
Lectra Futura Ver 7.5
Lectra GraphicSpec Furniture V2R5
Lectra InvesCut Pilot V8R1 "NEW"
Lectra Kaledo Style V1R1c9
Lectra Leather V3R1
Lectra Modaris Ver 4.2c2
Lectra Modaris V5R1C3
Lectra Modaris V5R2 "NEW"
Lectra Modaris 3D Fit V5R1 "NEW"
Lectra OptiPlan v3r1c1
Lectra Prospinvarsalis V2R2C1
Lectra Prima Vision Ver 5.1
Lectra Prima Vision V6R1c7
Lectra ProStyle Ver 5.3c1
Lectra U4IA V7R1C9
Lectra Vector Pilot V2R2C1
Nester Ver 5.56
NISSYO Apparel CAD System Ver 7.0
OptiTex Ver 8.1
OptiTex Ver 8.7
OptiTex Ver 9.5
OptiTex 2006 Ver 9.6 (With All Modular) "NEW"
PAD Systems Ver 3.7
PAD Systems Ver 4.1
PAD Systems Ver 4.5
Poly Pattern Ver 4.5v3
Richpeace Garment CAD System Ver 4.92
Tukatech Tukacad System Ver 8.62 (With All Modular) "NEW"
Wilcom-Tecos Mira Ver 4.2 (Mira Designer 2000)

Software for knitting
Designa Knit Pro Ver 7.12.09
Doku GmbH ProKnit Ver
IKS Protti Ver 3.2
IKS Protti Ver "NEW"
Logica Mec-Mor WinmeCad Ver 05.07
ShimaSeiki SDS One A43
ShimaSeiki SDS One A45
ShimaSeiki SDS One A51 "NEW"
Stoll M1 Ver 3.4
Stoll M1 Ver 3.7
Stoll M1 Ver 3.12 "NEW"
Stoll S1 Ver 3.7
Stoll S1 Ver 3.12 "NEW"

Software for carpet,weaver,dobby jacquard & Tuff
AutoTex 2000 Ver 5.4
EAT DesignScope Victoria Ver 3.0.4
EAT DesignScope Victoria Ver 4.0.4 "NEW"
NedGraphics Fashion Studio Ver 6.0.34
NedGraphics Carpet Ver 3.0.06
NedGraphics Design Workshop Ver 2.0
NedGraphics Dobby and Dobby PRO Ver 6.12
NedGraphics Easy Map Viewer Ver 6.1.02
NedGraphics Easy Map Creator Pro Ver 6.0.05
NedGraphics Printing Studio Suite Ver 6.0.34
NedGraphics Texcelle Ver 4.11
NedGraphics TexFlash Ver 4.0
Nedgraphics Tuft Ver 1.1
NedGraphics Weaver Ver 8.1.3
Penelope Jacquard Ver 9.0

Software for shoe making
Comelz CALCAD Ver 3.94 "NEW"
USM2 & USM3 3D Shoe Design Ver 1.04
Shoe Master Ver 3.04

Dear All,

Please note all above software is for sale
The software is for garment,knit,shoe making,carpet,weaver,dobby jacquard & Tuff
If you any questions,please do not hestitate to contact my below e-mail


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