how to hide a single icon on system system tray?

i'm tired of looking for a simple code to hide a specific icon on the system tray.

I hope that you can help me with my problem. thanks a lot


  • I dont believe in the answers of kind of ... "dont do that" .. but I have to post you an answer like those here ! :(

    If you aren't the developer of that sofware, then, at least the most respetable applications, gives you the chance of change that behavior in some "configuration" dialog. You have to do it only once.

    If the application did not brings that opportunity, then you can hide it in "Control Panel" / "Taskbar & Start Menu" ... etc. You have to do it only once too.

    If your are the developer of the software, delete the code where you insert the "icon" in the system tray. Or provide an "options" dialog where you can change that behavior.

    [color=Red]Otherwise ... Dont mess with the annoying software ... uninstall and buy another .. it seems like a (valid?) spyware/malware to me. Like gator, smithfraud-c, etc.[/color]

    [color=Blue]Did you want to say .. Im looking for a code to "include" an icon in the system tray ?[/color]

    If you desobey the rules of that software, forcing to close the icon "memory space", you could mess with something else which in turn will be back on you. (Dont try to do it with ZoneAlarm or Norton Antivirus, thats for shure)[/size][/color]

    [red]Good luck![/red]
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