How to redirect a debugging log file in VC++ .NET 2003

I want to generate a log file (e.g. output.txt) for debugging output.
I want it in my project's debug directory. I can generate the file but not in the right place.

I open the project properties page and choose Debugging to get a series of edit boxes, one is called Command Arguments.
I enter the following for Command Arguments:
> output.txt

This creates the file in
C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003Common7IDE
aka $(DevEnvDir)

However, I want it in C:HomeCodingCPPProject1Debug
aka $(TargetDir). When I enter the Command Argument:
>$(TargetDir)output.txt it doesn't work.

Please would someone tell me what the correct Command Argument is to get the output file where I want it.


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