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Hi all,

I have to implement a SOAP client-server model on Windows as well as on Linux. I am not pretty much sure about which language should I use to implement the same. As far as I know, C, C++, VB, Perl, Python, etc. can be used to implement SOAP applications.
Can you please suggest me which language should I choose to implement my SOAP client-server applications? Is it possible to have the same code working for both Windows and Linux? Also can you suggest me where should I look for the any sort of tutorial?

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  • I believe the best choice could be Java.
    Is very flexible, easy to use, run on a huge list of OS's including Linux and Windows, and have support for SOAP.
    This will be my choice : Java, but you can write on any language.
    Perl and Python and PHP and Script Languages should be my last choice; because you are writing a "server" application.

    If you choose java, you can found all the information you need and even more!, in site. Look for "The Java Tutorial" for java programming and "The J2EE Tutorial" for SOAP, XML and Web Services info.

    [size=1]Background: I know programming in all those, Python not very much.[/size]

    [red]Good luck![/red]
  • Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Now, as the case arises, I have been instructed(by my boss :( ) to implement the application in Python (poor me).

    Can I know the reason why you say "[italic]Perl and Python and PHP and Script Languages should be my last choice; because you are writing a "server" application[/italic]"?
    Is it tedious to use Python(or other scripting languages) or some other reasons?

    Once again thanks a lot for you response. I'll surely look for Java as a better alternative.
  • I believe scripting "interpreted" languages lack of the performance of a "compiled" application, even when they could be "Framework"'ed or "RunTime"'ed executed.

    I believe those languages where developed to make easy small task that could be time consuming in C++, or languages like it.


    [blue]"Java and Python, however, are an evenly matched pair. On the one hand, Java provides things that Python cannot: a bytecode that has great potential to be compiled and optimized, a broad and rapidly growing user base, and a good deal of marketing hype. On the other, Python has a great array of features for scripting type tasks (which is after all the original goal of Python). Python's dynamic typing is either a blessing or a curse depending on the programmer's personal point of view, and similar things can be said about closures and first class classes. Overall it seems that Java is more suited to development of complicated systems, whereas Python's features may speed prototype development but stand in the way of complicated systems."[/blue]

    A survey of distributed languages
  • Geee!! that was an exhaustive answer..

    as my project stands today, I am developing minor modules using Python scripts..
    there is stage in the execution flow of my project where I need to call a python object (function) from a Visual basic code..

    does anyone knows how to call a python function from a VB code?
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