Help picture in VB

Could anyone help me how to open a link stored in Microsoft access to Visual Basic 6.0



  • to Dchard05,

    this request is somehow difficult to do. I guess, you need to have a good enough patience to do this one...

    actually, i had published my own pamphlet about this one... if only time is not running out, i could give you all the details. but since this program needs a lot of explanation for you to understand every command, you may send me your email address to my account.

    just click on my name on the message board present on the right corner of your screen, and click on the 'write message' and send me your problem... so that i can forward you your desired solution.

    from [link=]red3warlord[/link] with gratitude always saying...

    "let the rain begin, blessings are with them to gain..."
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