Removing dll from winlogon.exe process space

Hi All,

I am working on smart card logon product. we are facing some problem
while installing the new build after removing the older version.

We have our own smart card login clients which has its own CSP and
Cryptokey dll which gets loaded into winlogon.exe process space when
we try to login with smart card. winlogon process loads CSP dll and
CSP dll interns load Cryptokey dll.

Now we have a new version of smart card login client which also had
updated CSP and Cryptokey dll. If we remove older smart card login
client, install new client and restart PC smart card login works
fine... but when we try login without restart after installing new
client, we are not able to login due to error(card does not contain
certificate container).

when I investigate the issue I came to know that disk images of the
dll are getting changed while memory image loaded into winlogon
process are not getting change.

Is there any way so that I can unload the older memory image from
winlog process space and load the new image into winlogon process
space without restarting the system (as this is one of the critical

I tried to unload older memory image and load the new memory image by
dll injection method via remote thread but i am not able to do the

Thanks in advance.

Amit Goel
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