How do I resolve this ambiguous call?

I have a program written in BCB that imports a wsdl. When I run the program I get this error:
[C++ Error] ExtActns.hpp(614): E2015 Ambiguity between '_di_IBinding' and 'Wsdlbind::_di_IBinding'.

I looked through the ExtActns.hpp file and found this line of code:
[code]HRESULT __stdcall OnStartBinding(unsigned dwReserved, _di_IBinding pib);[/code]

I need help on how to resolve this, please?


  • The program throws the error at compile time and not run-time.
    I discovered that I did not declare the instantiation methods of the classes imported from the wsdl by BCB. So they only had their destructor methods declared in the class declaration in the header files. When I added the instantiation method declarations e.g
    __fastcall NameRequestData();
    __fastcall ~NameRequestData();
    the program didn't throw the compile error.
    Many thanks!

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