Show all shades for a given product on a edit form

I need Help i showing information on my form, can't firgure out how to show this information. How would you go about displaying all the shades related to a product on a form. Take in mind that i want to show all the shades for a given product on the screen when am entering in the data on my form. I'd like to see all the shades that are entered into the database for the product i know i can use the me.requery when i select add product so the list updates..

Here is my tables structure

ProductLineID PK autonumber

tbl Shades
ShadesLineID PK autonumber

tbl ProductShades
ProductShadesID PK autonumber
intProductID FK to tblProducts.ProductLineID
intShadesID FK to tblShades.ShadesLineID

My form has product name and shades name on it so the record source is based on a query so i can bound the 2 text field to my form.

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