Graphics in C

I've written a program to make a circle using the putpixel function.My program works exactly the way I want it to,but the problem is that I dunno how to print the output(the circle) on paper.I'm using Borland Turbo C++ version 3.Ordinarily when I need to print an output,I first run the program,then go to window->output and then file->print.But,in this case window->output is giving me a blank screen.
I've tried printscreen while the program is running,but that's not working.Can someone please help??


  • There is no graphics in ANSI C, please be more specific.

    Are you using the BGI? I;m not sure, but does TurboC++ support
    video graphics when printing text? Video graphics use different
    memory regions then text/mono ones do.

    What do you mean PrntScr is not working? When you use PrtScr,
    what happens when you paste it in MS Paint? If nothing, or the
    option to paste is not avilable, then you are not using it right.
    i.e., using either ctrl+PrtScr or Alt+PrtScr .. Both should work.

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