XP problem .....bugging

am running a MS WIN XP SP2
intel P4 CPU 1.80GHz ram -->128 +256MB
recently i had changed my SMPS and since i am having problems wid d computer
sometimes XP boots fine .....but sometimes d system hangs while the OS loads ..and black screen shows ...nd sometimes it shows different screen and hangs up....i thought may b it was a problem wid the OS and tried to format hard drive ...but when i insert the XP cd and restart after i change the boot priority ...the system first shows inspecting your hardware configurations and den hangs again widout the blue screen appearing ... ...i have waited for long even about 20 mins ..but nothing moves ...so i restart again ...still d same problem... also have Fedora on an extended logical drive ....but that boots fine ....
soemtimes i get "error 18:cylinder is ....." but that is only sometimes not always .....i am not able to format nor find the root of d problem...and while i work on the PC it hangs and shows a blank screen all of a sudden even if i am doing normal work widout pushing the system to its limits ....can any one help .....
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