Help wanted!!

Hello everybody!

I have a bit of a problem. Well, maybe not a bit! I created a program (my first visual program) that solves a simple mathematical problem in VC++. My first problem is that even though I give a float number and the division is correct, the result is displayed as if it is an integer. I mean, for example, the following division 7.1*5.9/3=13.9633 ect.. BUT, the display of the result does NOT shows the "." . What can I do about that? My next problem is that in order to see the result, the user must press in the Box the Space button. Is there any way to fix that? Last but not least (for me), how can I make the .exe file run in every pc? Because some pcs don't run the program. A warning pops up with the following message "This application failed to start because VCL50.BPL wasn't found."

For any further explanations about my problem, plz, ask!!! I know that many will be confused about the way I explaned it!!! Sorry about that!!

The mathematical problem is the following:
300 euros are 100% of a bill.
5.6 euros what percect of the bill are?
I give an example because I don't know the english name of the method and to understand better the problem. I don't know if that helps...

Thanks for your time.

P.S.: I attached the .exe file in orderto see my program. The texts are written in greek (sorry about that). If you know the mathematical problem, it doesn't matter though. Hope it's works! Again thanks for your time!!
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