Soap in C++: Asynchronous Processing?


I am writing an application that sends soap messages between a php server and a visual C++ client. Currently, I found that my set up is synchronous- that is i send a message to the server, and it responds immediately.

I want to change it so that I can send a pile of messages, and instead of responding instantly, the server holds on to these messages for a bit, then processes everything at once. (If I'm right, this is asynchronous processing?)

I'm not in need of programming advice so much as confirmation of my ideas and an answers to my question.

For a simulation of asynchronous processing, is it necessary to have a constant state of "I'm ready to accept the responses to the messages at any time.", or can I try the following (to simulate it):

a button on my C++ application that when I click it, all the messages that were queued come flooding in correct order?

I'm not really sure how to create a state of "continuously ready to accept messages" and the button method makes more sense to me logically - but I don't know if that would properly simulate asynchronous processing.

Thanks for taking a look at this guys, I know its probably confusing... seeing as how I'm confused myself, haha.
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