TUpDown on TStringGrid?

I have a string grid that I am setting the number of rows dynamically. Therefore I am creating an array of TUpDown arrows dynamically and placing one in each cell within a column.

My problem is that I want each UpDown arrow to have the same event handler. I can set the event handler but when I make the string grid the parent of the UpDown arrows the event handler won't go off when I click the arrows. If I make the form the parent of the arrows it works fine.

How can I set the string grid to be the parent and use the event handler I have written? Here's the code:
[code]cell_num = 0;
while(cell_num < (total_channels - 1))
for(char x = 0; x < 16; x++)
if(midi_channels_used & (0x01 << x))
UD_PC[cell_num] = new TUpDown(StringGrid_preset);
UD_PC[cell_num]->Width = 17;
UD_PC[cell_num]->Height = StringGrid_preset->RowHeights[1];
UD_PC[cell_num]->Top = (StringGrid_preset->DefaultRowHeight+1) * (cell_num+1);
UD_PC[cell_num]->Left = StringGrid_preset->ColWidths[0] + StringGrid_preset->ColWidths[1] + StringGrid_preset->ColWidths[2] + 3;
UD_PC[cell_num]->Parent = StringGrid_preset;
UD_PC[cell_num]->Associate = NULL;
UD_PC[cell_num]->OnClick = DynamicUpDownClick;
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