I have been trying to set up a proxy server in my office server running FC4. Now i have had some luck with dante where i managed to get the SOCK server up and running. I have also managed to get the server to act as gateway using IPTABLES. Now the server is up and running for about 2 weeks and we got a hell lot of people downloading and surfing porn. THe management decided to clamp down on this. here is the requirement i need some form of PROXY server that asks the user to enter thier user name and passwords( like you get at some websites) every time they start a new session. I need to be able to log the websites they visit. I should be able monitor their bandwidth. And most importantly filter unwanted sites. do you know of any proxy or combination of softwares that can provide me a solution for the above requirements. I have tried a few proxies most of them i couldnt really install them, the ones i installed didnt answer my requirements. Please help
Thank you in advance.
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