HELP for COMPUTER beginners..30 basic LESSONS


Firstly let me introduce myself..I am JOE a 80 year old Pensioner from SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

For the past 9 years my Wife (RUTH) & I have been running a successful group for the over 50's world wide.

Most of our group had virtually NONE or very little computer experience on joining..however with sharing & helping each other over these years we have managed to evolve a series of 30 basic LESSONS & over 20 Hints & Tips.

Do you remember the FRUSTRATIONS when you first started on computer...I DO.. & the many times I was tempted to take a HAMMER to my machine...OH BOY !!.

YES you are OK now..some of you are experts..but please give a thought the NEWBIES..your friends & relatives who have just purchased a new the nice thing & present them with our LESSONS they will love you for it.

Even YOU who are big time MARKETERS have some DUMMIES in your downlines just think what this would do for your CREDIBILTY if you give them these 30 plus LESSONS as a gift.

OK let's get down to the NITTY GRITTY ..these lessons will cost you $ which we use to finance the continuance of our group (have you noticed how everything is getting more expensive everyday)

We are aware of the great number of computers sold daily..It would give us great satisfaction to be able to assist as many as possible.

To further this aim we are prepared to send 1 LESSON per week to your forum for all to take advantage of...PLEASE let me know of whether you approve of this IDEA...or NOT.


Been nice chatting with you



Understanding Windows Using Windows
Make a new folder or document
Using Drag & Drop To Organize Files Copy or Print Text from the Screen, Net or E-mail etc
How to Copy and Paste Text or Photo or GIFs
How to Save Text, Pictures and Animations
How to attach a Photo to an E-mail Photos and GIFs
How to put an Icon on the Desktop and how to Change it
How to use the Scanner with Picture Publisher
How to Work on your Photos
How to save Midi Music from E-mails
How to put Midi Music Background on E-mails
How to Download and Install Animated Stationery
How to use Animated Stationery in E-mails
How to use colours in EXCEL
How to use Win Zip
How to use your CD Burner
Animated Signatures Dialup Connections
Outlook Express Folders
Outlook Express,
Colour Coding, Address Book, Preparing Messages Outlook Express..
Sending Message
Make a Web Page using Front Page
How to use Print Screen
How to Prepare a Power Point Presentation
Adding Music to your Power Point Show
How to Prepare a Spreadsheet with Excel
How to Save Stationery, to avoid problems such as red X's etc..
How to use the Clone Tool in Paintshop Pro
How to Save Music From LPs onto The Hard Drive
How to Burn Music onto CDs

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