vbscript activeX woes

Im using this activeX vbscript to either update or insert depending on if the record already exists in the destination table, it inserts OK, but never updates. Can somebody please help me to see where Im going wrong...many thanks

' Visual Basic Transformation Script

' Copy each source column to the destination column
Function Main()

Dim sSessCode
sSessCode = DTSDestination("SES_ID")

DTSDestination("SUB_ID") = DTSSource("Subject Code")
If DTSSource("Start Date") = "01/01/1753" Then
DTSDestination("SES_DATE") = "01/01/1980"
DTSDestination("SES_DATE") = Cdate(DTSSource("Start Date"))
End If
DTSDestination("SES_TYPE") = DTSSource("Subject Type")
DTSDestination("SES_STREAM") = DTSSource("Stream")
DTSDestination("SLC_ID") = DTSSource("Sub Location")

DTSDestination("TUT_ID") = DTSSource("Tutor Code")
DTSDestination("SIT_ID") = DTSSource("Year/Sitting")
DTSDestination("SES_STATUS") = DTSSource("Session Status")

Select Case sSessCode
Case DTSSource("Session Code")
' MsgBox("Update")
DTSDestination("SES_ID") = DTSSource("Session Code")
Main = DTSTransformstat_UpdateQuery
Case Else
' MsgBox("Insert")
DTSDestination("SES_ID") = DTSSource("Session Code")
Main = DTSTransformstat_InsertQuery
End Select
End Function

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