Automatic Macro to filter data

Hi I need a macro that will filter through this data and copy the relevant information onto another spreadsheet/workbook. There are 3 headings - Task ID, Category & Duration.

- Columns may be null
- For each taskid there must be a category, and for each category there must be a duration
- Some tasks have multiple categories
- A category may occur for more than one taskid
- the same task and category may occur twice, in this case the durations are added.
- times are in h:mm:ss
- Aim is to display data in the form of:

| |
e.g. - (does not relate to sample data)
FSR-2904 QA 0:25:00
FMMII-1609 DEVPROC 1:15:00
FMMII-1609 QA 0:20:00
FMMII-1809 SUPP-FSR 0:45:00

here is sample data I have been trying to work with:

Task ID - Category - Duration

FSR-2904 QA 0:20:00
FMMII-1809 QA 0:15:00
FSR-2904 DEVPROC 0:10:00
FMMII-1609 QA 0:10:00

FSR-2904 QA 0:55:00
FMMII-1809 QA 0:12:00

DEVPROC 0:10:00
FMMII-1809 DEVPROC 0:26:00
FMMII-1809 DEVPROC 0:11:00

SUPP-FSR 0:25:00
FMMII-1609 SUPP-GRAD 2:10:00
FMMII-1609 SUPP-FSR 0:20:00
SUPP-FSR 0:20:00

Apologies for the way the data has been displayed.

I understand if you wish not to complete this task, however any pointers/advice will be greatly appreciated. Even a little bit of sample code to illustrate how to go about constructing this macro will be helpful.


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