Jobs in VB Programming

Hows the jobs in VB programming and what are pay packages for fresher. Please advise.



  • good day to you, my new friend,...

    let me reply you some knowledge of mine about your question a while ago...

    being a vb programmer has two options with regards to jobs available suited for him/her, and they are stated below:

    1. Employed Programmer
    2. Independent/Sole Programmer


    Employed Programmer

    Under Employed Programmer, you are employed to a company, say for exapmle, the MicroSoft, to create a software, in which it has more advancements from those previous softwares they had already made.

    Independent/Sole Programmer

    Under Sole Programmer, you are entitled by your own to become a self-employed programmer. This job is more often to choose by the clients because of the factors listed below:

    1. The software is made only because of their needs
    2. The program is personalized according to their standards
    3. The program is more chipper than of the universal software made by a company in terms of single purchasing.
    4. The program is more accessible and more appropriate to the business the have.
    5. The Programmer is visible and easy to consult in case of troubleshooting and some errors during the software is being runned rather than of the universal software that, in case a problem occurs, you need to do a lot of things before they can debug the software.

    that's all...

    from red3warlord with gratitude always saying...

    "keep it up and never give up..."
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