Creating widgets from flash.Seek help.

Greetings everyone

My name is Alina. I am working for a software company.
It is the first project of that kind and it is pretty hard for me.

We currently working on the development of commercial software package
allows to create widgets from flash application.

Sure the first question that I had was: "Do you need creation of dekstop widgets to be simpler?"
I would say yes. I tried hand at making desktop widgets. It was difficult, because I have no much programming skills.

In my opinion, creating widgets from flash application without coding is easier.

How about you?

Have you ever tried to create desktop widgets from flash?
I think you have more experience of working with these programs, and if you could help me it would be great!

What do you think about this software?
Can you suggest something to increase value of this software?
What features you would like to see?

Feel free to post here. You also can Email me & I will answer you in short time (that is for sure).


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