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Hello all and thank you. I am coding a trade bot using Delphi and autoitx wrappers for mouse movements, x.y coords, and send function (for now)

The game is Magic the Gathering Online.
The bot CANNOT play the game but it can and does make trading cards a lot easier and you dont need to sit in front of the computer 24/7 waiting for someone to trade with you.

I have most of the code complete but have hit a brick wall and need some help from other coders in the community.

When a trade is opened only 2 people are in this room the bot and the trader.
The bot will wait for the trader to make a selection (either tickets OR cards)

If a ticket is selected bot will send message that it will look at the traders collection for cards the bot wants in exchange for that ticket.

If a card is selected bot will send message a quote of the "name of card selected" and price the bot wants for that card.

here are some screen shots for those that are not familiar with MTGO...
My question is HOW to know the card name and match it with card name in either a db or cvs to quote a price. and to do this each time a card is selected (ie. 1 card quote 1 price) 2 cards quote both cards with price for each card and total quote for both cards.

Thank you and I hope to get some help soon.








  • I am just starting to get into this cause i want to build my own with better options but the one that i have will only trade 14 cards cause of the scroll bar. I would like to talk with you some time i am just trying to learn autoit to be able to make my own but would like to talk with someone about making bots. my email is in my account send me a reply if you wish to discuss stuff.
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