Transfer Dynamic Data from Excel to Access DB ?

Hello , I need your help ....

I connect my program with MS Excel Cell though this Code :

where XXXX is variable and its value changes every second or more .

when I add this code in Any Cell in my Excel sheet .
the value of cell changes according to value of XXXX in my program .

This is my Request :

I want a method like macro or anything else that help me to

Transfer The Value of Excel Cell to be a new input in Access data base , automatically every time the value of cell changes .

More Details :

Suppose that we have Excel sheet and MS Access Data base .
I put the code to a cell in excel sheet .

the float number is : 100.00
After 1 second the cell value becomes : 102.75

Now, I want Program that can determine this change in cell value
and create a new row in access DB and add the new value ( 102.75 )
as a new row at my access data base .

and Every Time the Cell value update , the new value adds as
a separated new row at my data base .

and at the same time , I want a Time column in Ms access DB .
That Save the Time when every new value enter the data base .

I want know How can I do that ??? and with any language ???

I will be very thankful , if anyone can help me
and Give me a good solution for this problem .

thank you so much

Jake Anderson
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