IP Address issue in RABBIT4000

Dear All,

We are using [b][color=Red]RABBIT4000 processor [/color][/b]for our application. Our application requires transmission of data from HOST (PC) to TARGET (RABBIT 4000) [b]through Ethernet[/b].

[b]We have achieved the communication through Ethernet, by hard-coding the IP Address, Netmask, name server addresses [/b][color=Red][/color]& so on...

As you all know, hard-coding IP address is not user friendly, which may not work in client's place. It must be of user's choice to select whatever IP address he wants.

[b]Has anyone faced same kind of issues earlier or tried to allocate IP address of user's choice during runtime ?[/b][color=Red][/color] Kindly guide me with some suggetions where I can resolve the issue.

[b][color=Blue]KINDLY RESPOND ASAP[/color][/b]

Thanks & Regards,
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