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I have two GUI working together. One of the is the master and the other is just a slave from whom I get several informations.

In the master GUI, there is an infinit loop which causes the master GUI to prompt for priority and so I cannot have acces to the slave GUI. The master GUI is always in front on my screen because it's always doing some mathematical operation.

How do I tell matlab not to care about this priority so that I have acess to the GUI slave ?


  • Hi, Mataka,
    I can see that this is an old post but yet I wander did you find a way to set those priorities.
    I ask because I have a similar problem. I have a GUI project where sometimes I need to plot some data on a separate figure. I can do that, but when I want to close this figure it turns out that my main window is not accessible all the time. I need to press 5-6 the pushbutton which closes the figure. And this i very annoying:)
    Thank you.
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