Need advise on setting up home intranet.

Hi All,

I'm trying to setup an intranet at home to practice web developing.

What I currently have:
I've got a linux box running Fedora Core 6 in one room of my house,
and I am using Apache 2.0 on that box. Also my fiance and I both have
laptops running windows XP that we use in our living room.

My current hardware set up:
The linux box, and both laptops are all connected to the internet through a common linksys cable modem/router. the Laptops wirelessly, and the linux box through a hard connection.

What I want:
I want to setup an intranet from my linux box with the apache web server
that I can browse from the wireless laptops.

I'm thinking I need to do something with my linux box and router, but not sure what.

Any advise or suggestion would be very much appreciated.



  • I'm needing to have the same thing setup and I'm hopelessly lost...some direction, or even a link to a tutorial would be great!

  • : I'm needing to have the same thing setup and I'm hopelessly
    : lost...some direction, or even a link to a tutorial would be great!
    : thanks
    : jake

    Hi Jake,

    I found that all I had to do was set my web server(appache in my case) to use my (linux) ip address instead of a domain name. This made it possible to view my web pages from my xp laptop through my linxsys cable router.
    I figured this out durring a mad scamble through my Fedora 6 Bible.

    Good luck, and keep in touch.
    Sounds like we could learn a lot from each other as we go.

  • Not sure how much you know about networking (or want to know) so I'll try to explain a bit in simple terms.

    This is how I understand it:

    you have 2 laptops, a PC and a router.

    you want to set up a web server (apache) on the pc and connect to it using the laptops.

    If this is right, then all you should need to do is setup apache (on linux generally install apache using your distros package management tool and start it, if it doesn't start automatically, how you start it apache depends on your distro but usually something like running "/etc/init.d/apache start" as root)

    You should then be able to connect to is using any web browser on your laptops by typing in the ip address on the pc into the browsers address bar. From the pc this would be "http://localhost" and you would see the apache default page, which I think is just a page that says "It works!" or maybe a directory listing.

    from the laptops you should be able to type in the ip address on the pc. because you are using a local router (I am assuming the the 3 computers connect to the router, and the router connects to the internet, correct?)

    the router is assigned an ip address by your ISP and the router then assigns an ip to each computer that connects to it. the ip's that the router assignes are local ip's and only apply within your intranet. they are something like where xxx is different for each computer connected to the router. you should be able to find out the ip address of the pc using your routers management tool (often a web browser based tool that allows you to configure certain aspects of the router operation). Find this ip address, type into a browser on one of the laptops and you should be sorted.

    hope this helps, if not please reply.


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