linking win32 with DOS and MASM32

I have a problem.

I'm trying to create network emulation for DOS.

I have masm32 for Windows and I want to use it to convert TCP/IP packets into IPX compatible packets so that my DOS games that rely on IPX can run.

So far, I can't get started, because the interrupt function produces a stack fault with krnl386.exe. I am running Windows 95.

this is code that I borrowed from an example:



  • The problem is that masm makes a Win32 console application that runs in user mode. User mode is kind of protected mode where privileged instructions (int is one of them) are forbidden. Any attempt to use 'int' instruction in your program will cause protection error. Theres no way to use 'int' in user mode. To use it you should run you code in kernel mode - the simplest way to do it is to write a kernel-mode driver. But this is not a good choice for you. Cannot tell you how to get around this. Sorry
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