DO you use UBUNTU ? - I cannot install & need help

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Thanks for responding.

Firstly I am not a programmer but I do write simple C & c++ programs using Borland++.

Problem - I am trying to instalL UBUNTU onto my machine using their free download iso file which I have burnt to a disk. All is well until I try to install UBUNTO via a CDROM boot using the Disk. The iso file is [color=Red][b]ubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso[/b][/color]. The intial Intro screen is fine - however when I select install I get this dumped at the bottom of the screen. referring to interrupt 14.....

Int 14 CR2 f8000000 err 00000000 EIP c020c384 CS 00000060 Flags 00100007
Stack c00f8050 c03f129b c0371d8c 00000002 c00f8059 000f8050 00000000 00000000

I have asked Ubunto members what is the likely cause of this and have been told it could be to do with my ATI graphics card (ATI9550).

Are you able to help in any way ?

[b]Thank you in anticipation - Living_Legend[/b]

PS I run a Compaq Presario Intel Celeron 2.66G with 1.75G memory WinXPSP2 and have no known problemss at all with any connectd hardware & or Software all of which is/are up to date and all run like clockwork.


  • if it is a problem with your graphics card you should be able to tell the installer to use vesa instead to the ati driver during install, and then switch to the ati driver once the OS is installed. It's been a while since I installed ubuntu so i can't remember how to do this, but it should be fairly easy to find info on the ubuntu site or the forum site.

    Hope this info is of some use


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