Help needed with Changing the Value of a Formula in a For Statement..

This is probably a very simple issue, but I have been working on this VBA Script for too long to see it, so please someone HELP!!!

I have a Macro as follows:

For Each c In Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("C4:AW4").Cells
c.Formula = "=IF(Sheet1!F31="""","""",Sheet1!F31)"
End Sub

This macro copies the "c.Formula" across Sheet2 From cell F4 to column AW4. This is all working fine. What I have a problem with is changing the "Sheet1!F31" value as I move across, so for example, what I want is:

Cell C4: .Formula = "=IF(Sheet1!G31="""","""",Sheet1!G31)"
Cell C5: .Formula = "=IF(Sheet1!H31="""","""",Sheet1!H31)"
Cell C6: .Formula = "=IF(Sheet1!I31="""","""",Sheet1!I31)"

Please Help!

(p.s. Don't know why there is a space between !I3 1 as there isn't in my code and there isn't in my typing")
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