a new beginner in the house is here....

hi to all of you, i am red3warlord, a computer programming student,
and i am here now in your world to learn more about c lang....

i am now aware of how will i create a program out of it.
i am also aware in making some simple and quite complex too.
but my problem is that, i can't think of what i can do now to enhance my intelligence about C language... can you give me one?

just wanna test myself about this matter...

let's see if i did aquire C lang from my studies before...

from red3warlord with gratitude always saying...

"every prisoner is a person,
but all person are not prisoners..."


  • After learning the basics, a good next step would be to dig deeper down into things like dynamic allocation, search & sorting algorithms, linked lists, ADTs etc. To know how the compiler translates the code into op-instructions and how variables are stored in memory is also vital knowledge, which you will learn automatically if you study asm.

    As a professional programmer, you will need to know all of the above no matter what kind of C programs you intend to write.

    And after you know that: multitasking/multithreading and system specific API / architecture.
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