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We are looking for volenteers to join in on the codeing and Desighning. We need 2 Desighners and 3 programmers. All members must use Microsoft Visual Basic Express Edition (Any year)(If there is another type that is Okay). The software is based upon a Open Source Easy Build.

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Being an Open Source Software Comapny we do not pay and except volenteers. The program will be a Software Creator for those who do not know code. We will have a few things that MUST be included. A Window with the basic fields, Object, and Button off to the right of the Form in which the user will create his/her software. Then we will need another window in which the user will edit the "Made Up" script. If you have ever heard of Revoloution from the site that will be the main goal of this software. We however will have to solely decide to eith make up a script and then generat a converter before applying the code or go out and let the users use Visual Basic. That will be the bsics, however it has to have a LogInForm at the start. There will be a register button which they can generate a User Name, but the software will have to generate a password to protect the software. This is serious, so members must post atleat 4 times a week and have to have there parts finished on time or up to 3 days late is OK. Please carefully consider.

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Plese post a reply if you wish to join with your job role you want and a breif discription of your skills.

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