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I am fairly new working under a windows environment, and even newer to work with COMs, so apologize for any mistake I could make.

I am trying to program an application using Borland 5 that would connect to an Excel document, do some operations and retrieve the results. This is some sort of practice for me.

Also, I am trying to make this application a little bit robust, so before trying to open Excel, I am checking if its not already active, and only if not I open it. My code is this:

try{//Try to retrieve the application, if not opened, this would normally throw an error
vMSExcel = Variant::GetActiveObject("Excel.Application");
catch(...)//Catch the error throwned because Excel is not opened
try//Try to open Excel
vMSExcel = Variant::CreateObject("Excel.Application");
catch(...)//Excel seems not to be installed
ShowMessage("Unable to open Excel. Please make sure you have it installed");

I have implemented this code in a button.
Now, when I compile, there are no warnings or error, but when I click the button, the problem I encouter is that the error created by GetActiveObject is not throwned (when the application is closed). Rather, a dialog box pops-up and tells it has received an error from EOleSysError and that the process is stopped. My first catch block is thus completely ignored.

Any thoughts/advices/help on this would be much appreciated,



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