DLL wedge

Windows 98, C++

I'm trying to wedge into a DLL to log all calls. It's a quick-and-dirty thing (and I'm not really proficient in either of the above) but the idea is as follows:

TestProgram -> TestFolder/MyDLL -> ../System/RealDLL

MyDLL just logs the call and passes it on to RealDLL as is.

For clarity:

Windows/System/RealDLL: actual DLL
TestFolder/MyDLL: DLL wedge I have written
TestFolder/TestProgram: do-nothing program which calls MyDLL

In my test environment described above the code I've written so far works just fine, but when I try to wedge in MyDLL for real, things break down. Specifically there are two problems related to renaming:

1. When I rename the original DLL (and adjust references in MyDLL accordingly) all of a sudden the calls return an unknown error code. Specifically, given the above context, if I:

Rename ../System/RealDLL to, for example, "OriginalDLL".
Change code in MyDLL to call OriginalDLL (instead of RealDLL).

So I end up with:

TestProgram -> TestFolder/MyDLL -> ../System/OriginalDLL

This results in a bad (unknown) error/status code from the call which is strange because nothing has changed internally.

2. The second problem is when I rename my wedge DLL to real name of the DLL I'm trying to wedge into. Again, given the above context:

Rename TestFolder/MyDLL to TestFolder/RealDLL
Change code in TestProgram to call this DLL instead of MyDLL resulting in:

TestProgram -> TestFolder/RealDLL -> ../System/RealDLL

This blows up with:

"Can't find DLL entry point in 'TestFolder/RealDLL'"

This is very odd because nothing has changed except the name of the DLL (which I refer to accordingly).

Any insight into all this is welcome. Thanks!

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