VB 6 Change Curser to Hand over Link

I'm creating a AutoRun Cd for a Project: I am a beginner and I want to learn everything about VB!!! Right now I'm about done with a project that I started in VB6 but I am also about to try my hand at VB 2005, which I just downloaded the basic learning tools and How to Videos from Microsoft's site...but for now this project is already done (in VB6), and I would like to make it a bit better and easier to use.

Can anyone tell me how to make the curser change to a hand when over a link for my CD project? When the curser is over an Command Button or an Image I would like it to change to a hand so people will know to click on it to activate that command or link.
Is this possible in VB6?
If so, how do I make this happen and where does any "Hand Image" come from and where do I store it for use on my CD or in my program?
Is there a step by step instruction to help me learn to do this (specifically for this curser to hand)? I want to use this for all my up and coming projects.

I'll need to know how this can be done from beginning to end and I would be grateful if anyone could at least point me in the right direction as to where I can get this information.

I saw a post on this forum site that was dated in 2003 about this, but I didn't understand it and thought maybe there was another way to do it or at least maybe someone could fill in the blanks since that answer seemed to be aimed at someone who knew a lot more about programming...like where to get the hand image and where to store it for use, etc.

I would think that by now there would be a way to add it to the mouse properties in VB so that we could call it up, like all the other images that come with VB for mouse use.

Thank you any help in advance.
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