Looking for outsourcing company in US

Hi All!!

I am D.Ghosh-leading a team of 11 in India for my company - Ad System, India (http://adsystem.co.in). I have been working in Software for last 5 yrs. Last yr i have set up Ad System,India. I have two partners - one is in UK (http://www.rolems.com) and one is in AUS (Snowtechservice).

We mainly work in PHP, ASP and Java languages.

Our capabilities you can find in the page:
and our portfolio:

My wish is to get more and more works from US clients - which we can execute from India; I have full team ready with me.

It is long run business oppurtunity that i am looking for. We accept payment through paypal and our charges are optimum in comparison to the other concerns.

Looking for some positive reply



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