Dynamically Resize Listbox and Tab Control


I am writing an application that is a Tab based list control. You can select one of several tabs, and the list control gets populated based on which tab you are on. That works fine. However, I am having a challange with regards to dynamically resizing the control. Basically, whenever the user resizes the parent window (Main Frame), I want the tab box and list control to resize dynamically. While I currently have it working, I don't think it's clean. Here is how I do it:

OnSize(), I call three functions:


I then call GetWindowPlacement(&wp); for the parent window and set the tab box to the parent's window placement by calling m_tab.SetWindowPlacement(&wp);

I then call the following set of functions to dynamically resize the listbox in relation to the tab control:


DeferWindowPos(windefer,m_list.m_hWnd,HWND_NOTOPMOST, 5, 30, rectwnd.right - rectwnd.left,rectwnd.bottom - (recttab.top + 30),SWP_SHOWWINDOW|SWP_NOZORDER);


Again, this does the trick, but I don't think it's clean, and I was interested to see if anyone has a better way of doing it.



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