Printing Paging .NET WInforms

Hi All,

I have a Winforms Application where I am priniting aroung 1500 lines of text to the printer, I am able to take care of the margin settings and print settings through the PrintDocument. I am using e.HasMorePages to handle the page in which the content is printed.

Here is the pseduo code

Dim currentpage as new integer
currentpage =0
if(currentpage =0)
--print the firstpage
PrintPageHeader ()
currentpage = currentpage+1
e.hasmorepages = true
if currentpage =1
--print the secondpage
PrintPageHeader ()
e.hasmoerpages = false

I need to automate this process instead of specifically mentioning which text to be present in which page.

Please get back as this is a very urgent requiremment for me.
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