passing data to a form in another thread

I am a "lucky" guy. My boss has told me to program in C++ in .NET.

I need to do this:

1. When I click on a button in my windows form, a separate managed thread must be created. This I have done and it works fine.
2. The new thread shall communicate with external devices over a CAN bus. Data received on the CAN bus must be passed back to windows form thread, so that it can be displayed in a textbox. This is what causes me problems.

Can anyone help me with a simple example of how to make a callback from a managed C++ thread to a managed C++ windows form thread?

any help will be much appreciated.



  • Hello Christian

    use backgroundworker for the child thread you are using to read the CAN. also enable its reportsprogress feature. the reports progress feature has 2 overloads, one is for percentage and another is for percentage and user defined value.

    are you using vector can for your application?

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