Camera Orbit with Volume Texture

Hi Friends,

I'm a new memeber here and new to DirectX as well. Hope you can help me out with this problem.

I have to implement camera orbit function (orbit about the X-axis, Y-axis and a combination of both). I created a simple application using a simple gemoetric model (cube, sphere, etc), and I got the correct orbit effect.

But when volume texture is being used to create the model, the camera orbits in a strange way.
The camera orbits smoothly in the angle range of -90 to +90 degrees.
But at 90 degrees, the volume suddenly disappears.
And for the other angles it appears as though the volume rotates in the opposite direction, and also the volume appears to be fuzzy and clipped.

Any idea why it is behaving like this?


  • I know this reply is late in coming so sorry for that. Could you display the math you are using to accomplish your rotation?
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